The Iron Triangle

We finally develop our website with the aim of making life a little easier with every new idea.

As always, our mantra remains the optimisation of Time, Cost and Quality

It’s about Balance…


“In times of complexity, the Iron Triangle may become more attractive as it offers a simple, unambigious, and reassuringlu simple measure of performance”

Pollack, J., Helm, J. & Adler, D. (2018)

Lots of fancy words, just meaning one simple thing… Life is complex, so we look for new ideas, innovation and short-cuts to get more done, as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, let’s not get nerdy about this lol! Let’s share ideas and bring some fun into it, all whilst we tick the boxes of achieving in Life!

This website / blog / marketing resource….whatever you want to call it, will try to share some ideas. The central theme will be about saving Costs, optimising Time and improving Quality (of Life). So we shall share ideas that seems interesting, even a bit far fetched at times, hopefully opening our eyes to new prospects and ideas that will make our daily grind less stressfull.

Oh, talking about stress… I will even try to add some relaxation concepts to this website. So expects some links to funny Youtube clips to break the dreariness of your day, some soothing background musin that will help you relax, and some home remedies to calm your soul…all whilst welook for ways to make moeny / a living more efficiently, thereby creating more time for ourselves and our loved ones 😉

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