Father’s Day

Dads does not exactly jump up and down for this day. Let face it, most people imagine Fathers Day like this:

If this is you, then I say NO! NO! NO! 🙁

See most fathers are tuned with totally different pitchforks. (Yes, I am sensitive to not generalise, hence the most in this statements being in itallics.)

Most dads (or moms that fulfilled the roled of dads) are geared to fix things for the family, make life run like clockwork / as efficiently as possible, and yes, they do try to save a buck as far as they can. So YES, Solzster totally identifies withteh dads and their strunggles in wanting to optimise Time, save Costs and improve Quality of life.

So do this with your dads (or whoever you identify as deserving a dad-like acknowledgement in your life):

  1. Ask Dad What dad would, in all honesty, like to do for the day. Dads are often the problem solvers, so more than likely, the answer that you will get will be the honest truth.
  2. Ask Dad When dad would like to celebrate Father’s Day. Let’s face it, it’s totally possible that Dad would just like a day where dad can chill and not have to do anything. Like how moms gets spolit on Mothers day lol.
  3. Ask Dad Where dad would like to be on Father’s day. Let’s not take it for granted that dad would not like to break out for the day…but let’s also not assume that he does not want us to go with him.

In most cases, that would be it to making Father’s Day a Great Day! No macaroni and picture frames needs to be harmed in making a Father’s day memory. Also in most cases, Amazon would have a pressie to make Dad smile 🙂

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